Kool Kids back to school offer: 2 pairs of glasses from $249!

Feb 15, 2018

Time to look good, kids! And you can with these eye-opening deals!

Converse frames complete with durable polycarbonate lenses are priced at $249 a pair and this includes a second pair from the Owlet range FREE!

Nike, X Games or Flexon frames with the same quality polycarbonate lenses fitted are $299 including the second pair free as well.

Additionally, there are upgrades available for different lens options so if you want to have one of the fashion branded frames for your second pair you can. It’s just an extra $129 to upgrade the second pair to Converse or $149 for Nike, X Games or Flexon.

Come in and have a peep of the Kool Kids range. Be Kool at school!

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