See clearly with magnetic clip-ons

May 22, 2018

Find ease and style with new Chemistrie Magnetic Clip-ons

Have you heard about lens layering as a sun lens option? These handy magnetic lenses effortlessly clip onto your existing glasses, perfect for those on the go.

Computer use, reading, driving and outdoor sports are all made easier with complete UVA/UVB protection.

Chemistrie clip on lenses are custom made for each individual frame for a precision fit that’s hard to beat. These ultra-lightweight polarised sun lenses can be base-curve matched to any prescription lens. Using intelligent micro-magnet technology and titanium bridges, Chemistrie lenses fit all frame and lens styles.

Micro-magnets are embedded into your glasses lens so the clip on can be easily attached and removed using your fingertips. These wafer-thin lenses are ultra-lightweight and you can further customise yours by adding mirrors and gradient tints.

Effective, comfortable and affordable, Chemistrie lenses are a great alternative to sunglasses. Email Jenny at for more information or pop into the shop to try them on.

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