Contact Lenses

What’s involved with getting contact lenses?

At Greenlane Penrose Optometrist we have experience fitting all types of contact lenses.  Careful selection of the correct lenses and as much time as you need to coach you in the correct handling and care systems are just the beginning for any new contact lens wearer.  Comprehensive follow up care is also vital to the health of your eyes and to ensure you have comfortable  lenses that will provide you with the best possible vision.  Generally annual eye exams are recommended for contact lens wearers and we are always here to assist with any unexpected issues or queries.

Lens Types

Daily disposables

The most convenient contact lens option available today.  Brilliant for occaisional wearers, dailies have also become the most popular mode of lens wear even for fulltime wearers.  Imagine never having to clean you contacts, knowing that they are always 100% hygienic and no worries about losing a lens or running out of cleaning solution.

Toric lenses for astigmatism

Having astigmatism doesn’t mean you can’t have contact lenses.  There are many options available for nearly all types of astigmatism. Just ask us if you would like to try contacts.  Getting the perfect fit and vision for your astigmatism may take a little bit more time but the freedom you gain could make a big difference to your daily activities.

Multifocal contact lenses

As we get older our ability to adjust our focus from distance to near decreases.  Just like multifocal glasses can give clear vision at all distances there are some great contact lens options available too.  If there are time when you would like freedom from reading glasses or fulltime glasses wear ask us about multifocal contact lenses.

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