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Eyecare is Important

Regular eye tests are an essential part of taking care of your health and wellbeing. At Greenlane Penrose Optometry we enjoy paying special attention to your eyecare needs and feel privileged to be able to educate you about how to maximise your quality of vision now and into the future.

We love seeing kids too

What is vision? Is it simply the ability to read a letter chart?  Vision is far more complicated, and requires clear eyesight, good co-ordination of the eye muscles, ability to control focus as well as the ability to get meaning from what your eyes are seeing.  Comprehensive eye exams for kids will make sure that all of these skills are developing normally.

Some of our technology and treatments

Retinal photographs

Digital retinal photographs provide an excellent record of the health of your eyes for comparison over time

Visual field testing

Used to diagnose and monitor vision loss in the periphery. Useful for glaucoma, stroke, vascular accidents and macular toxicity of some medications.

Dry eye analysis

Imaging and monitoring of tear film characteristics we can even see the meibomian glands inside our eyelids with infrared photography

Vision Therapy

Sometimes glasses are not the answer, vision therapy can help to re-educate efficient ways of focusing and using our eyes together as a team.

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