Easy on the Eye: Tips for Dry Eyes

Jul 1, 2018

If you are eyes remain dry, you can increase moisture in your eyes by boosting tear production and tear film quality. How do you do this? With a nutrition supplement., Instore we have a fantastic nutritional supplement in Lacritec. The supplement contains high quality Omega 3 from both flaxseed and fish oil as well as omega 6 from Borage oil.  Taking Lacritec daily to supplement your diet may enhance your natural tear production while also reducing dry eye symptoms.  We have had fabulous feedback from our clients using Lacritec to improve their dry eyes and most report much less reliance on eye drops to supplement their tears.

We can definitely recommend the quality processes involved in the sourcing of the oils, manufacturing, handling and shipping of the product.  Lacritec has been independently assessed to show no degradation of the oil quality up to 5 years after manufacture. So we feel very confident that you are taking a pharmaceutical grade supplement that is giving you maximum benefit.

Do you have dry eyes? Want to know more about Lacritec? Please give us a ring 09 525 1516.

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