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May 23, 2018

Everyday ways to keep your eyes in mint condition There are plenty of steps we can take every day to prevent eye infections. Let’s look at some common traps people fall into when it comes to eye care: contact lens wear and makeup wear. Contact lenses

It’s important to always use contact lens solution to clean your contact lenses. Never use water or lick your lenses to ‘clean’ them, as water may contain bacteria that causes serious damage to the eye.

Before removing your contacts, always wash your hands and dry them well. Always use fresh solution, gently rubbing the contact lens before storing it in its airtight container.

Avoid rubbing your eyes, as dirt particles can get trapped under the lens, leading to irritation and possible infection.


The first mascara, made by the Egyptians, included such questionable ingredients as crushed charcoal and crocodile dung. While we don’t run the risk of infecting our eyes with bacteria from crocodile stool anymore, there are still ways mascara and eyeshadow can harm our eyes. So when it comes to using makeup, it’s best to keep these rules of thumb in mind.

      • Use the right products

      Not all makeup products are created equal. The chemicals commonly used in products like eyeshadow and mascara can cause an allergic reaction in some people. If this happens, it’s best to stick to a natural product or one for sensitive eyes.


      • Don’t share products


      In-store testers are used by countless people. While sharing is caring, it’s best not to apply this rule to makeup, because eye infections spread easily this way.


      • Don’t use expired products

      All makeup products have a limited shelf life. The moist conditions inside a tube of mascara are perfect for bacterial growth. Once these nasties get inside your eye, they can lead to conjunctivitis, blepharitis and keratitis, so always check the expiry date.


      • Wash brushes

      Regularly wash makeup brushes to get rid of any bacteria that has accumulated there. This will stop the bacteria from getting into your eyes and causing further havoc.


      • Avoid makeup with glitter

       These tiny particles can easily get into your eyes, destroying the delicate skin that protects them.


      • Go makeup free when you have an eye infection

       Wearing makeup will slow down the healing process and might even introduce new infections to your eyes. You’ll also have to throw away all makeup that you do use, so you don’t become infected again.

Need more tips on everyday eye care? Please email Jenny at jenny@gp-optom.co.nz. Or pop on into our shop to take a look at the options; we’re here to help!

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