Map it Out: The Keratograph

Aug 8, 2018

The Keratograph is a new state of the art piece of equipment for computerised imaging of the anterior or front surface of the eye. The

Keratograph has three main functions:

    1. As a corneal topographer, the Keratograph takes advanced measurements of the corneal shape. The curvature of the cornea is measured across its entire surface and analysed by the computer. The results can be reviewed in several different ways including 3 dimensional topographical maps. Very useful when fitting contact lenses.


    1. Full colour camera optimized for taking high quality images of the external eye structures. Eg. useful for documenting lid lumps and bumps to see if they are changing over time. Really good for showing clients little things on the front of their eyes in high magnification that they may not be able to see themselves even if they can feel them.


    1. Specialized imaging of the tear film quality. Effective treatment and management of dry eye relies on gathering as much information about the tear film and what factors are causing the deficiency. Keratograph has programmes to evaluate the lipid layer, measure tear film break up time, tear meniscus height, and image the meibomian glands. Imaging the meibomian (oil) glands inside the lids is possible as the Keratograph has an infrared camera. Up to 85% of dry eye is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction and up until now we haven’t actually been able to see these glands to assess how well they might be working.


The Keratograph has proven to be a very worthwhile addition to our equipment as it means I am able to show clients images of their eyes that they have never seen before. These really help to communicate and educate about the health of their eyes. I love that people can feel so much more involved in their eyecare and it really helps me to recommend the best possible treatment options. Managing dry eye in particular has to be a collaboration between Optometrist and client. To be able to assess the treatment over time and demonstrate improvements in tear film quality with the Keratograph is really exciting.

Do you need a Keratograph exam? If you would like to know more about the Keratograph please email Jenny at

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