Our recommended treatment for blepharitis

Jun 7, 2018

Let us help you fight blepharitis

At Greenlane Penrose Optometrist we, stock SteriLid Foaming Eyelid Cleanser and Systane Lid Wipes, as both have been proven effective in managing blepharitis.

SteriLid is a super easy-to-use foaming lid cleanser that works easily in just 60 seconds a day.  The plant-based formulation contains tea tree oil with antimicrobial action to reduce the bacteria and biofilm around the eyes.

Systane Lid wipes provide hypoallergenic and soothing eyelid cleansing with the convenience of individually wrapped pre-moistened wipes.  Great for travel too.

Manuka honey in the fight against blepharitis

We also recommend Optimel eye drops and gel, a brand-new technology in the fight against blepharitis, developed right here in New Zealand.

Manuka honey has for some time been known to increase gut health. Ocular surface health has some similarities to gut health. Like the gut, the ocular surface also requires its microbiome to be kept in balance. A well-known trigger for blepharitis is an overpopulation of gram-positive staphylococcus spp, leading to inflammatory eyelid disease.

Developed by a team of scientists at Auckland University, this exciting manuka honey-based eyelid cream is applied overnight. We have a variety of Optimel products in store for you to choose from.

Worried about an eye condition? Please email Jenny at jenny@gp-optom.co.nz. Or pop on into our shop to take a look at the options; we’re here to help!

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