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Mar 1, 2018

An anti-reflective coating you need to try to believe

When it comes to finding the best scratch resistant, anti-reflection coating for your glasses, you want a multi-coat that also allows for comfort with ultimate protection.

You want a glasses coating that can handle the wear and tear of everyday life. You want durability and superior scratch resistance. Because scratched or crazed lenses negatively impact your vision.

You want glasses that last longer so you don’t have to reinvest in new lenses as often due to damage.

You want HOYA’s diamond finish multi-coat.

Benefits of HOYA’s scratch resistant coating for glasses

100% UV protected, HOYA’s unsurpassed diamond finish multi-coat is designed to completely protect your lenses from everyday mishaps. We all try to be careful, but sometimes things happen or you take a shortcut like wiping your lenses with something other than a lens cloth.

HOYA’s diamond finish multi-coat is:

  • Anti-reflective: for clearer vision, reducing glare as well reflections
  • Scratch resistant: five times more resistant for maximum protection
  • Water repellant: for better vision in the rain and prevention from water stains
  • Dirt, dust and oil repellant: for easy to clean lenses in various environments

Get the right look with your frames. Get the right performance from your lenses with HOYA’s diamond fish multi-coat.

If you would like more information on about Hoya’s scratch resistant coating please email Jenny at


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