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Aug 13, 2019

We trialed the brand new Acuvue Oasys’ with transitions contact lenses to see if they stand up to the test

Transition glasses have been around for a while, offering an easy switch between brightness levels with the lens’s adaptation to light. They’re a great option to reduce the glare and stress that your eyes are put under when changing environments, and they also provide protection from UV and blue light.

But what about those that wear contact lenses?

Up until now transition lenses have only been available in spectacle lenses, and we all know they’re not everyone’s preference to wear. Contact lens wearers have had to struggle with glare, stress, squinting and a not so simple transition into light.

Acuvue Oasys
transition contact lenses are the first of its kind

Acuvue Oasys
have recently released the first-ever contacts to contain transition lenses. With the latest technology, they offer a seamless transition from changing light – working just the same as transition glasses.


To help you understand the technology and decide whether these new transition contact lenses are the right option for your eyes, I’ll also run you through their key features and benefits.


What do Acuvue Oasys Transition contact lenses promise?

The disposable contacts work remarkably similarly to transition glasses. There’s specific technology in Acuvue Oasys Transition contact lenses that work to create a seamless transition to light and a
clear vision.

Transition contact lenses are embedded with molecules that change structure upon exposure to ultraviolet light. This means that the lenses actually darken when exposed to UV and high intensity light, and will absorb more of the light that is passing through the lens.

So what does this mean for your eyes? Put simply – less glare, strain, and exposure to harsh light. Because of the changing nature of transition lenses, your eyes are given the ease of not having to adapt every time the environment changes.

Among their features are the following promised key benefits.

  • Less squinting, glare, and stress: to give you an overall clearer vision.
  • UV filter: for ultimate protection.
  • Blue light filter: enhanced contrast and sharper vision with better comfort.
  • Seamless adaptation to light: activating in less than 60 seconds.
  • Reduces halos and starbursts: that provides crisp, clear vision at night.

How did the contact lenses stand up to the test?

We gave long-time contact wearer, Kathryn, a pair of
Acuvue Oasys transition lenses to trial, and loved hearing about her experience. She had a chat to us about what she noticed during her day to day routine and shared whether she’d wear them again.

“When you’re wearing them you don’t notice the change between light. It just feels like you walk outside and it’s not as bright, so you don’t have to squint as much. It really makes the transition smooth and unnoticeable,” she explains.


As well as the easy transition the lenses provided, there were 2 key benefits that stood out:

  • Less squinting
    Acuvue Oasys with Transitions promise to provide an all day soothing vision with minimal glaring light. “With the lenses, I definitely noticed that I was squinting less,” says Kathryn.
  • Less glare
    Because of the reduced squinting, Kathryn noticed a reduction of glare in her vision. Without the strain caused from squinting, the lenses were able to take away haze and give her a clearer all-round vision.

Are Acuvue Oasys transition contact lenses right for you?

If you’re considering trialing the newest technology contact lenses, it might be helpful to consider several things about your lifestyle to make sure they’re a good fit.

Transition contact lenses can’t replace sunglasses. While the lenses provide an easy transition and significant UV protection, they aren’t a complete replacement for sunglasses when facing direct sunlight.

They can be useful for sports. It’s often inconvenient for athletes to train with sunglasses, so transition lenses can assist in making the glare easier to deal with. They can also help to combat sight problems when exercising.

They’re the most beneficial day-to-day. Kathryn found the contact lenses most beneficial during her day-to-day routine thanks to the easy transition into light that they offered. They could be a great option for you if you’re struggling with squinting, glare, and excessive light in your general routine. 

Thinking about the Acuvue Oasys transition contact lenses? We’re always here with expert advice and are your go-to for a friendly eye exam. Book an appointment online or phone us on  09 525 1516. 

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